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Monday, March 3, 2008

Get gummint out of healthcare

Susan, are you saying you would not "terminate Medicare and Medicaid next week"?  If so, then when would you terminate them?  If not, then how is Carl's characterization "fear-mongering"?  As Rothbard's "intellectual love-child", do you oppose all timetables for destatization, or not?
On Aug 10 you wrote to Bob: "I'm not sure that any amount of goodwill or respect toward others could honestly make me call someone who embraces the idea of initiating force against others to accomplish something they desire a libertarian."  Does your statement hold even if what "they desire" is to police aggression (e.g. through pollution taxes) or to provide access to justice (e.g. by letting the criminally accused subpoena innocent third-party witnesses)?
Michael, do you find Susan's five-way repetition of "get gummint out of health care" any less vague about actually addressing America's healthcare problems than the LP literature you rightfully complained about?