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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Is the Nolan Chart hokum?

Eric, if you think is just stuff that I've made up, then you obviously haven't even looked at that page.  It's nothing but a compilation of polling data from sources like Gallup, Zogby, Rasmussen , the Pew Research Center, the American National Election Studies, and the University of Michigan’s Center for Political Studies.  All these data sources validate the Nolan Chart's model of the American electorate, and using words like "hokum" won't change the data.
You say that the Greens' agenda is popular, but of course its popularity is going to be primarily limited to voters in the left/liberal Nolan quadrant.  The LP could advocate a smaller-government agenda that would probably be at least as popular with the voters in our **otherwise-unoccupied** quadrant, but instead we push a zero-government agenda.  The results speak for themselves.
I nevertheless agree with all your comments to Jeff, and agree that the only realistic goal for the LP over the next 15-25 years is to drive issues and tip elections rather than win legislative majorities.  I just think that we would be much more effective at driving issues if we tried to speak for the 13% to 20% of Americans who are lessarchists, rather than for just the ~1% of Americans who either don't know or don't mind that voting LP could be interpreted as endorsing anarchism.