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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Neo-Conservative Platform?

Mike, your comments on LPradicals were forwarded to me:
MR) Someone I talked to who I believe is part of this list, whom I will not name unless they wish to reveal themselves and who has been monitoring the LP Platform Committee stated that the Chairman of the Platform Committee is trying to stack it with LPRCers since I believe all of the alternates belong to that caucus (MR
Your source is misinformed. Three of the four alternates are radicals, and the other is not a reformer. The Chair has no power to choose the PlatCom membership.
MR) and she is including their input into drawing up the planks rather than going with the members of the platform committee themselves which is what the chairman is supposed to do.  (MR
This is backwards.  What actually happened is that I (a reformer) went and tracked down our radical alternates (leaders of Outright Libertarians) to get their input on the gay rights plank.  Details of the story are here.
MR) The person I talked to also pointed out the platform committee is drawing up planks that are neo-conservative in nature too. If this is the case  (MR
Your source is again misinformed.  The facts are public: