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Sunday, March 2, 2008

[PlatCommLP08] Re: alternates and shadows

I don't recall there having been any point at which the alternates indicated a desire to speak but weren't allowed. No member of the gallery, nor any member of the Bylaws Committee, was sought out and invited back into the room and given carte blanche to amend our gay rights language, as our top two alternates were.
Again, I see no conflict whatsoever between any sort of membership on PlatCom and any contribution of effort to any group seeking to improve the LP Platform.  On the contrary, I gladly contribute to the Fix06 team my list of bugs in the 2004 Platform.
A much more interesting -- but unavoidable -- conflict of interest would be a supporter of a minority report working and voting to make the majority report a less attractive alternative to that minority report.  However, everything I've seen suggests that all our potential supporters of minority reports have been making only good-faith efforts to make the majority's recommendations more like what a minority report would say.