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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Platform, Platform, on the wall

Jeff Wartman wrote:
JW) instead of reformers and radicals nitpicking about details of that libertarian utopia (JW
I don't think either should neglect thinking about or advocating for the details of their vision of libertarian utopia.  I also don't think either should have their vision declared Best In Show by the LP's foundational documents.  In the struggle over those documents, only one side is chanting "Pledge and Platform, on the wall, who's the most libertarian of us all?"  If I wanted my own libertopian vision to be the Platform, I'd have pushed for adoption of instead of a generic big-tent Platform that even David Nolan admits is a faithful elaboration of the LP Statement of Principles.
Nelson/disinter, only a moron would think that I think that all labels are epithets.  So tell us: did I just call you "moron", or not?
Susan, by "back up" you apparently mean manually editing the URL.  I would agree that's a problem only if the most popular browsers offered a ubiquitous go-up-one-level-in-the-URL feature, but alas they don't.  Still, I wonder why the list isn't linked from the home page.  I suspect it's because our ~180 elected Libertarians comes in 2nd to the Green's last count of 226:

Tom/jre, you guys should consider forming a He Man Friedman-Haters' Caucus.  You could even throw in Hayek for defending taxation, Mises for defending conscription, Rand just for being Rand, and then you'd be iconoclasts about almost the entirety of Doherty's 5-icon libertarian pantheon.  You'd be the koolest kids on the block.