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Monday, March 10, 2008

Platform surveys for candidates and LP leaders

Starchild wrote on LPradicals and elsewhere:

GOPTX) the Republican Party of Texas calls on the Texas State Republican Executive Committee or its representatives to present to each Republican candidate for elected office representing Texas and/or its people a copy of the current ratified Republican Platform with a means for them to indicate each plank they 
intend to keep, to explain their variances (GOPTX

SC) [this is] the kind of thing we ought to be thinking about and implementing (SC

Indeed.  Care to put your money where your mouth is?  I'd like you and other prominent members of Restore04 to take the survey on 2004 Platform language that I recently challenged our presidential candidates to take: LP Presidential candidates 2004 Platform survey.  Restore04 signatory Steve Kubby gave outright endorsements to only 9 of the 18 quotes in the survey.  Can you or any other page-1 Restore04 signatory do any better?   The LP Radicals thought the 2004 Platform was good enough to try to survey LNC members about their fealty to it; I challenge them to take a taste of their own medicine and answer this survey.  (Me, I endorse 100% of the language in the Pure Principles draft that I advocate.  How many radicals can say they same about their dearly departed 2004 Platform?  Will the real principled Libertarians please stand up?)

P.S. And if you're really feeling intellectually courageous, you'll proclaim which elements of the No 1st Force Pledge you believe either are or should be an implication of the LP's membership Pledge.  I've publicly offered to donate $100 to the Radical Caucus if, for each element of the N1F Pledge, the caucus either endorses it, or else proclaims that it is not and should not be in any way an implication of whatever Pledge they advocate for the LP. The Radical Caucus claims to be about “educating LP members about the Party’s core principles”, and all I’m doing is offering $100 for them to take a 30-question true/false test about those principles.  It's fascinating that they turn out to be so uninterested in educating this LP member about the Party's core principles that I can't even pay them to do it.

P.P.S. My cc: to the LPradicals list will bounce because I'm banned there.  I invite you to test the LP Radicals Thought Police by quoting all of the above to that forum as a follow-up to your post there.