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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Barr/Gravel or Gravel/Barr

I heard the totals were Root 22, Barr 20, Gravel 15, Ruwart 12.  Ruwart's surprisingly low total is consistent with her understated performance in the debate.  In fairness, radicals might claim that her problem was she didn't muster the self-righteousness (if not outright anger) that Christine Smith exhibited, and failed to stand up for the flagship radical positions of personal secession, immediate non-enforcement of anything that looks like taxation, and privatization of all streets.
Aaron, I too had assumed Gravel was for socialized medicine (and education), but it turns out he's for vouchers on both.  He advocates competition and consumer choice, and criticizes the monopoly sought by teachers' unions.  Gravel's candidacy is exciting because he can help unite and grow an LP in which a vocal minority of left-leaning radicals/anarchists claim that to disagree with them is to make the LP an arm of the GOP.   A Barr/Gravel or Gravel/Barr ticket would go a long way to demonstrating that the LP is open to both Democrat and Republican refugees who believe in market-based alternatives to the nanny state.