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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Defining Left-Libertarianism

Left-libertarianism is not a synonym for Rothbard's paleo-libertarianism, especially in the large majority of the freedom movement that is outside the LP.
At I opine: "'Left-libertarian' describes a cross-section of libertarians who advocate a more egalitarian approach to the ownership of natural resources or capital, or who are influenced by the labor theory of value (in contrast to the standard theory of marginal utility). Left-libertarians tend to disagree sharply with other libertarians on the extent to which an economy like America's approximates a truly free market. Geolibertarianism is a kind of Left-libertarianism."  I'm a geolibertarian and thus a left-libertarian, but I'm decidedly not a Rothbardian. offers a broader perspective, and notes that Rothbard intentionally tried to adopt the label "Left" in order to ally with them.