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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Down The Rothbardian Rabbit Hole

Alex, I'm pretty confident that you're as mistaken about Ruwart defending or clarifying her crucial position on Kubby's show as you were that Mises supported personal secession or that Rothbard was an LP founder. :-)   The position I refer to, of course, is not whether she thinks kiddie porn "is OK".  That's a red herring conveniently created by allegedly-anti-Ruwart flamers and foolishly echoed by others.  No, the question I still haven't seen her answer is #5 in my list at
"Should there be no binding laws/rules that consider age to be any kind of rebuttable factor in sexual consent, or are you only opposed to "bright-line" age discrimination that creates crimes because of rigid calendar calculations?"
Less, I'll address the question of whether Fairy Godfathers would adequately protect the rights of children when Ruwart (or a PlatCom member) publicly agrees with you on the answer to question #3: "In your ideal anarcholibertarian legal system, who would prosecute parents/guardians for aggression against their children?"
In the meantime, I'm curious to see how far down the rabbit hole you're willing to follow Rothbard.  Do you have answer for question #4?  It is: "Do you agree with Rothbard that it should not be a crime for parents to starve their children, or do you hold that the legal system should require a positive obligation of parents not to starve their children?"