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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Fairy Godfather Theory of Protecting Children
Alex, let's put  to the test your theory of fairy-Godfather defense agencies proactively homesteading the guardianship of abused children just to get good PR.  Thousands of extra-legal protection rackets have operated in hundreds of markets over the course of multiple centuries.  How many have ever made free protection/retribution systematically and proactively available to children being abused by their parent(s) or guardian(s)?
Actually, I retract the question; feel no obligation to answer it.  I'll be happy to continue this discussion after Denver, but I just don't have time before then to try to dissuade you from a type of magical thinking that no candidate or Platform Committee member will be defending in Denver.  Unless you can get Dr. Ruwart on record on this topic, I need to put it on the back burner.
"Ninja Six", when you feel the urge to post a pseudonymous insult against an earnest and fair-minded anarchist like Alex, just email it to me privately, and I promise I'll send a private reply pretending to laugh and agree. And if you are a radical troll trying to discredit reformers, then congratulations sir, you are far more competent at your craft than the amateur reformer trolls like "Ruwarchy" clumsily pretending to be radicals.  Alex, when you indulge Ninja Six's softballs by knocking them out of the park instead of ignoring them, you create suspicion that this is a plot by Ruwarchists to distract attention from the views that she seems not very interested in clarifying.  (I'm not paranoid, but when radicals reveal that they think reformers might be conspiring to use pseudonymous comments for tactical reasons, I start to suspect they might be engaging in a little projection.)