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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hogarth's Housecleaning

Susan, as a candidate for LNC, are you going to tell us delegates precisely what you mean by "housecleaning", and in particular whether it means you will be seeking to purge any members?  Before asking us delegates to vote for you, are you willing to go on record and say that you do not currently have any evidence that any LP officer, candidate, or convention committee member is in violation of their membership Pledge?  Or will you evade this question, and leave us delegates to wonder whether you have a secret list of party members who you want to "houseclean" for alleged Pledge violations?
Mark, I'd love for the LP to espouse only pure libertarianism, but I want to be inclusive of anarchists and Rothbardians and paleolibertarians and Objectivists and constitutionalists and Cato-style minarchists -- in general, all people who want both more economic and personal liberty without necessarily agreeing with pure eco/geo/green libertarianism.  I'm willing to keep "watered-down" and "quasi-libertarians" like anarchists inside our big tent in order for them to work with us for more more liberty, and to give them a chance to learn more about libertarianism.  After all, most "quasi-libertarians" like Ruwart have probably never even heard of Fred Foldvary let alone read his seminal works on geolibertarianism from the last couple of decades.  Let's not write these people off as unsalvageable.