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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hogarth's Spinal Reflexes

Susan Hogarth writes:
SH) .Apparently in the GeoLibertarian world, simply living and occupying land is an act of aggression against your fellow man (SH
Which I can refute simply by cutting and pasting some of the text that contained the word "tax" and thus elicited her spinal reflex:
BH) There would be zero land value tax on you if there is available to others "as much and as good" land as that which you monopolize -- or if you allow the community to use the land you squat on in the same way that you use it.  The land value tax only kicks in when monopoly rents are earned due to the Lockean proviso being violated.  Such rents are a violation of individual rights under the Lockean analysis, and are thus aggression.  (BH
So no, Susan, "simply living and occupying land" isn't an act of aggression, as long as you comply with the Lockean proviso.  If you want to argue with Locke, be my guest.