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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Am Inimitable

Democratic Republican, I’m just saying that the TPW community needs to strongly discourage people from posting inflammatory drive-by opinions that have no reputation investment associated with their return address. Pretty much the first comment from you that I ever noticed was you coming in and pseudonymously announcing that our anarchists are not libertarians. That’s inflammatory, and it undermines the efforts of us non-anarchists who are trying to make the LP more big-tent.

However, I’ve liked all your comments since then—especially when you try to keep a straight face as you argue that all these “Brian Holtz” postings might be random imposters. :-) I don’t want to alarm anyone, but white pages sites say there are around 30 Brian Holtzes in America. We all probably hope that no more of them start commenting on TPW

Actually, all of my authentic comments are cross-posted to, so I’m literally inimitable. :-)