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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Interesting If True About Ron Paul

A posting by Andrew Murphy:
Here is Raimondo in 1987 on Ron Paul, Justin Raimondo in 1987 “The unsavory side of Ron Paul is something that many in the LP will not be able to live with. If his Congressional voting record is any indication… Ron Paul has stated on the floor of Congress, that he opposes ALL negotiations with the Soviets toward the reduction of nuclear weapons. Also, he opposes abortion and has supported a Constitutional amendment to outlaw it. In alliance with a concerted campaign by Jerry Falwell and the religious New Right to make sodomy illegal in Washington D.C. he voted for a bill overturning a local ordinance which would have legalized the practice among consenting adults. He is on the national board of Christian Voice, the political arm of the fundamentalists, which has called for mandatory AIDS testing and advocates banning pornography and homosexuality.” Also in the NY Times, Ron Paul took out an ad with 74 other Congressmen supporting Reagan's Contra war.