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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Knapp: Child Prostitution Not Particularly Controversial

Tom, if Ruwart's views on legalizing childhood consent to pornography and prostitution weren't "particularly controversial", she would have jumped at the chance to re-affirm them.  Instead, she offered no perceptibly substantive response to Phillies' critique of them, except to point out how long ago she wrote the words in question.
I'm not too worried about the positions of Root and Gravel, as they have no apparent aspirations to influence the LP Platform.  For the other three (Ruwart, Kubby, Phillies), I'm most interested in the Platform issues of 1) personal secession, 2) immediate non-enforcement of all tax laws, 3) policing of pollution by dispersed cumulative polluters, 4) right of the accused to subpoena witnesses, 5) privatization of all streets and pipes, 6) legalized child prostitution, and 7) private WMD.  I've talked to Steve about #3, and I got him to apparently support #2.  I doubt Ruwart has a written record on 1, 2, or 4, and when I looked for her discussion of 3 I couldn't find it.