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Sunday, April 27, 2008

No Cabal, No Purges

Fred, no "cabal" that I'm in wants to "clear anarchism out of the LP".  We just want to make the LP Platform and Pledge tolerant of other schools of libertarianism besides crypto-anarchism -- i.e. individual secession, privatize all streets/pipes, no government laws protecting children from their guardians, private WMDs, no right of the accused to subpoena witnesses, etc.  We just want the LP Platform to include all and only the principles that unite the LP's [major schools of libertarianism](  If the recycled language in the proposed 2008 platform says anything against anarchism, it must be something that a previous LP platform has already said:
I personally like having ecumenical anarchists in the LP, because they undercut the voluntaryist canard that any participation in the democratic process is a moral endorsement of whatever the majority decides.  Also, it's a lot easier to teach an anarchist about [the theory of market imperfection](, than to teach a leftist why markets work so well, or to teach a rightist to be tolerant.