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Monday, April 28, 2008

Phillies Shines, All Others Evade

Well, Tom, so much for your prediction about the topic of the show. Except for George’s excellent prepared statement, there was effectively nothing of substance said by Ruwart or Kubby or Nolan on the substantive content of Ruwart’s controversial positions. Apparently they don’t need to be discussed if we don’t like how they came to our attention and how a few people reacted to them. Kubby and Nolan clearly steered the conversation away from actual discussion of the actual Libertarian principles that are in serious dispute here. This delegate is more interested in the principles of our presidential candidate than in our candidate’s opinion about who at the national office should be fired. I look to our officers and officer candidates to explain that.

Except for some quibbling about the newsworthiness of former Senators and congressmen announcing Libertarian candidacies, Phillies’ performance was flawless. My opinion of Ruwart, Kubby, Nolan, and the absent Root declined somewhat during the course of this show.

Bruce, you should know better than to disrespect Paulie’s privacy, and thus to give Steve an excuse to disconnect you. Not smart.