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Thursday, April 10, 2008

RE: [LPplatform-discuss] Forbid Candidates From Advocating A Consumption Tax?

Linda Ellis wrote:
LE)  It appears to me that Section 2.4 of the committee's recommendations also disqualifies a national sales tax, because it says: "we oppose any legal requirements forcing employers to serve as tax collectors." A national sales tax would require employers who sell taxable items to serve as tax collectors.  (LE
We changed "employers and business owners" to "employers", and I interpret the resulting language to be talking about just employers qua employers, collecting taxes on employment/labor.
However, one of the nice things about the Platform not being written in lengthy high-precision detail is that it can let reasonable Libertarians disagree on how to implement incrementalism, even while each claims to find resonance with his views in the Platform.  I don't think the Platform should try to resolve every single major policy question on which principled Libertarians disagree.