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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

RE: Selling the Fair Tax to the LP

Steve Kubby wrote re:

SK) if the LP adopts the Fair Tax being promoted by Gravel and Barr (SK

The only question to me is whether it's possible to salvage the standard Fair Tax proposal, not whether to adopt it outright.  I wouldn't put any particular proposal to untax savings/investment in the Platform, but I wouldn't make the LP Platform forbid a candidate like LP Vice Chair (and incrementalist anarchist) Chuck Moulton from advocating such a reform (as I think he did in his last congressional campaign).

SK) does anyone seriously believe the Fair Tax proponents will be able to repeal the 16th Amendment? (SK

No XVI repeal, no Fair Tax. Period. The LP must adamantly oppose any possibility of having both taxes.  I doubt any LP leader/candidate disagrees with that.

SK) And those prebates from the government? (SK

I oppose any federal prebate.  Period.  Let the states figure it out.  The smart ones will move toward property taxes a la LVT.  Let's give the Free State Project some room to maneuver.  Defederalize, decentralize.  The most libertarian states will vastly outperform and outshine the rest, right?

SK) Our entire tax system was created out of temporary fixes (SK

If XVI isn't repealed, the transition shouldn't even start.

The question is here is not whether to incorporate Boortz's book into the LP Platform.  The question is whether the Fair Tax movement is 1) a conspiracy of socialists to increase the size of the nanny state, or 2) fertile ground for educating and recruiting people about how to incrementally dismantle the nanny state and eliminate the taxing of savings/investment.