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Thursday, May 1, 2008

$100 for Steve Kubby

Tom, a gold star for your memory!  Of these four Restore04 signers, only Kubby answered my survey, which is linked near the top of  Checking Steve's answers, I see that he clearly advocates immediate non-enforcement of all tax laws.  It's not on (or linked from) his campaign site, but I will bend the rules since he was gracious enough to answer my survey.  He also forthrightly endorsed the problematic 2004 language to privatize all roads/pipes and legalize private WMDs, so he vaults into first place with $75 worth of answers.  His survey answer on policing pollution only with torts left him a little wiggle room, and his site's page on the environment doesn't definitively address the issue, but I'd be willing to take my on-air conversation with him on pollution as answering the question if as his campaign aide you'll certify that he's unequivocally opposed to using anything but torts and consumer feedback to regulate pollution.
That would be a cool $100, with another $75 waiting for just a few more sentences of clarification about what the Platform should generally say on the remaining 3 questions.