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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Brian Miller Keeps Lying

Brian Miller, I dispute this legend of me "debat[ing] the black urban condition" with ANYbody.  If you're not making this up, then either give us enough facts for me to find it in my archives, or admit that you don't care whether what you were told was remotely true.  All my public debates of 2004-2006 are archived and searchable on my MarketLiberal Yahoo group.  Go ahead, find us this "debate on the black urban condition".  I bet you won't find it.
You complain of "parliamentary tricks and shoving stuff down our collective throats. You speak of dialogue, but your voluminous posts of (dare I say) endless bullshit do nothing but wear down those who have a different point of view from yourself".  Substance-free, content-free whining.  Find the quotation-mark key on your keyboard, press it, then copy and paste something I've written or done, and press it again.  If you can't do that, you're just a would-be character assassin whose every shot backfires.
Oh wait -- you define quoting somebody as unfair.  Wow!  George Orwell called.  He wants his eponym back.
The question of whether "the Republican Party’s *positions* are homophobic" is a textbook red herring.  What I quoted you saying was "the Republicans (including Ron Paul) are such homophobic bigots".   I'm not going to insult the intelligence of the audience by explaining the difference.  If you don't mean what you say and say what you mean, then spare me your lectures about "ethical debates".
"Who really has more experience in campaigning in the gay community?"  Strawman.  I've never made any claims about "campaigning in the gay community".  What I claimed was e.g. that gay rights are human rights, and that you misread the plain text of 10 U.S.C. § 654 (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell).  That has nothing to do with "campaigning in the gay community".
I'll tell you what I DO have experience doing: defending the idea of gay rights as a top priority for the LP.  I've been the one educating PlatCom that our gay rights positions "resonate with a minimum of 35% of voters (gay marriage) up through 53% (civil unions) to a whopping 78% (open gay service in the military)."  I'm the one on PlatCom who got all the principles from the current gay rights plank put into the majority report.  I'm the one who broke our rule about novel language to add gay-rights specificity about "current marriage, adoption, immigration, or military service laws".  I'm the one who left the room to go find Rob and Ruth and ask them to review that plank and then moved adoption of their tweaks.  Nobody has worked harder to improve the gay rights language in the majority report.  Nobody.
I don't doubt that I've "alienated" you and Rob due to my documenting your lies about what my Platform proposals plainly say. (Anyone masochistic enough to read this can ask me for details.)  I don't doubt that I've "alienated" Allan Wallace for embarrassing him over his unfair banning of me from the Outright forum for daring to defend myself from your character assassination.  If I've "alienated" Ruth, she hasn't said a word to me about it -- though I don't doubt that her opinion of me has suffered from listening to you and Rob lie about me.
For example, you just added another lie to the list: "Virtually every comment you’ve made about Outright has been a negative attack".  Absolutely false; you once again seem to think that you and Rob personify the Outright Libertarians, and that to defend myself from your character assassination is to somehow "attack" Outright as an organization.
What I have in fact posted about Outright has been uniformly glowing.  For example:
"The Outrights is one of the best LP organizations, and the ranks of the best LPCA activists are overflowing with Outright members.  Brian Miller's serial mendacity is only a tiny smudge on the reputation of this shining organization.  The only real question here is why the Outrights are apparently unwilling or unable to convince him to cease and desist.  The answer apparently lies in the above spinal reflex to label as "social conservatives" anyone who dares speak truth to Outright power." 2007-11-02
"If I thought group quotas were how the Outrights measure the commitment of fellow Libertarians to individual liberty, then I'd simply be embarrassed for the Outrights, and hope they grow to find a deeper understanding of libertarianism.  However, my extensive interactions with gay Libertarians in California in the years before you showed up here a few months ago leaves me convinced that you are an outlier." 2007-10-03
"Sorry, but calmly and systematically rebutting the disinformation you choose to disseminate about me -- like your false claim that the entire LPCA ExCom had ignored a complaint that I as an ExCom member had never even heard of -- does not constitute an "attack" on all Outrights.  My vast respect for the Outrights comes from my years of association with California Outrights like Rich Newell and Beau Cain and Mark Johnson and Starchild.  Each of them over the years has set a standard for integrity and dedication and intelligence and fairness that your first few rabid months on the LPCA scene don't even begin to put a dent in.  You can pretend all you want that you personify the Outrights, but I've worked for years with Outrights in California, Outrights are friends of mine, and from what I can tell, you're no Outright." 2007-10-03
I DEFY you to quote me EVER saying anything bad about Outright as an organization.  You can't, and so you won't even try.  Instead, you'll just keep lying, and say that I "attack" Outright.  Stop lying, Brian.  Just stop it.