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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Eric Garris misleads, Angela Keaton attacks

Eric, you are misinformed.  I have never deleted a comment by you on my blog, and I'm sure I would never have any reason to.  Please stop making this false assertion about me.  It's ludicrous to suggestion that I'm "afraid of polite discussion".  Ask David Nolan. Ask Steve Kubby. Ask Tom Knapp. Ask Starchild.  I'm not afraid of any kind of discussion, and you get back from me the politeness you offer.  When you sneer that you didn't "see me in New York in 1983" and then try to mislead us about what happened there, I'm going to call you on it.  I'm sorry if you consider that impolite.  I'm happy to have you correct anything you think I've misreported from my sources of information about the 1983 convention.  Most of it comes from Murray Rothbard's newsletter.
I note you still offer no defense of your suggestions that a majority of radicals supported the Cato candidate in 1983, and that a 1-vote swing would have changed the outcome of the election.  My perception is that you apparently thought I didn't know enough about the events there to know those suggestions aren't correct.  I apologize if it turns out you were instead simply so careless in how you phrased your assertions that you conveniently and accidentally implied two conclusions that are demonstrably false but if true would overturn the thesis of my video.  However, I'm just not naive enough to consider this a coincidence.
Susan, the only "fights" I care about concern the Party's foundational texts -- SoP, Pledge, and Platform.  You are the one who recreated Rothbard's "Radical Caucus".  You are the one who recycled Rothbard's 1977 LNC strategy resolution.  You are the one asking to restore to the Platform some of the extremist Rothbardian ideology, like personal secession and legalization of child prostitution, that was first introduced into the Platform in the wake of Rothbard getting his wish that the Cato moderates leave the LP.  If there weren't an effort under way to reverse the LP's 2006 repudiation of what was still an essentially Rothbardian platform, then I wouldn't be invoking parallels to the LP's last major confrontation between moderates and Rothbardian radicals.
Angela, your suggestion that I don't believe in the right of Iraqi children not to be maimed is too scurrilous to dignify with a response.  I stand by every word of the posting you claim has "fact errors", and if one of us is (in Eric's words) "afraid of polite discussion" about the issues raised in it, then our readers are smart enough to figure out who that is.  I'll instead merely note the irony of your  spiteful comment appearing in a thread about a video invoking parallels between radical attacks on moderates in 1983 and 2008.  If you want to get so viciously personal in your character assassination of me, why stop at invoking my living daughter?  Why not instead invoke my infant son who died in my arms?  Here, knock yourself out: