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Friday, May 30, 2008

LP Media Coverage

Here is a graph from Google Trends of mentions of the word “libertarian” in news reports:


Notable reports and developments related to the Libertarian Party convention in Denver:

  • Reason’s David Weigel highlights the coverage from CNN and USN&WR.
  • CNN’s web article featured a Barr photo with our own Stephen Gordon in the background.
  • The Boston Globe ran the AP’s generic story on Barr’s nomination.
  • The LA Times politics blog headlines that “Bob Barr—no, not Ron Paul” won our nomination, echoing a Ron Paul connection made in the Chicago Tribune.
  • John Nichols asks in The Nation which Bob Barr is running for president.
  • The New York Times is more interested in Mike Gravel’s political obituary than in the LP’s new ticket.
  • The Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote a full story on Barr’s nomination.
  • Robert Stacy McCain is correct to writethe differences between the Reform Caucus and other Libertarians are less ideological than strategic”. (Despite the success of the Reform Caucus proposal for platform repair, I left Denver realizing that the modal NatCon delegate is both more radical than I thought, while also surprisingly willing to take strategic risks for political success.)
  • Reason’s David Weigel writes perceptively about how Barr’s
    opponents missed some opportunities.  Earlier he covered Steve Kubby’s effort Sunday to nip a potential radical walkout in the bud.
  • After getting six votes on the first ballot in Denver, Christine Smith declares she is quitting the “dead” Libertarian Party.