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Friday, May 23, 2008

LP@Denver: Paulie Gets Re-Credentialed

I don't know how Paulie Cannoli and Angela Keaton got hold of Shane Cory's press pass, but they were very eager for me to take their picture.   In the background is Booth #1, where the Reform Caucus is showing its 24-minute Matrix spoof.
The most interesting news from the Convention floor this morning was David Nolan's failed attempt to change the agenda to expand the time for POTUS nomination at the expense of the Platform and especially the Bylaws debate time.  The delegates, of whom nearly 400 were credentialed at the opening gavel, rejected the proposal.  By lunch the Bylaws Committee was batting 1.000 in passing its recommendations, though a couple were slightly amended.
Last night "an evening with David Nolan" struck a tone of LP unity for the most part.  Nolan's audience (which he warned was not necessarily representative of the delegates) supported Ruwart over Root and Barr as the top finishers in an applause poll.  His audience also somewhat favored the Restoration Caucus approach to the Platform over the PlatCom's alternative.  Of course, these are people who Nolan has been telling that reformers only want to legalize medical marijuana rather than all drugs, and want to cut marginal income tax rates rather than abolish them.  On Saturday the delegates will be voting on PlatCom's actual proposals, rather than on Nolan's strawman version of them.  Late in the session Nolan suggested that people who want to reform a party should try to reform the GOP, but he then denied that he (and the half of the audience who applauded) were inviting the Reform Caucus to quit the LP.  (To his credit, Less Antman sat on his hands during this applause.)