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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

RE: [LibertarianReformCaucus] OK, who leaked?

Thanks!  Quite a few LRC folks have been involved in this project.  I again admire that you have the intellectual self-confidence to admit when something is funny -- such confidence is (perhaps understandably) in short supply this week amongst our nervous radicals.  For the full multimedia humor stream I'm releasing this week (some RLC, some my own), keep monitoring
I missed the part in the Matrix movie where the revolutionaries say they oppose the existecce of all states.  Revolutionary is not a synonym for anarchist.  :-)  I'm glad to see you might be confronting the idea that enforcers of conformity might not always be wearing suits and ties. :-)
I'm in favor of a symmetric Dallas accord -- in which the Platform is as respectful of small-government minarchist principles as it is of zero-government anarchist principles.  I called that the Denver Accord weeks before Less Antman tried to copy the name.  :-)  I reject a so-called "accord" that gives anarchists a veto over all Platform content they disagree with, while letting minarchists veto only the statement that the empty shell of the state will be discarded once we're done hollowing it out.