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Friday, May 9, 2008

RE: [LPplatform-discuss] Age range of 14-18 just arbitrary?

OK. And I would say that the range over which the rebuttable presumption of
adulthood changes polarity should be "established by custom of the society",
and should range from not long after "pubescence" to around the age that the
"custom of the society" no longer entertains doubts about a normal person's

Note that while there are no arbitrary Holtz-chosen integers in the above
explanation, there are some quotes that I borrow from Mary Ruwart. You'll
have to ask her if you wonder whether she chose them arbitrarily or not.
Somehow, I don't think you (or Mr. Acree) will. After all, she's just a
leading candidate for the LP presidential nomination, and not nearly as in
need of an inquisition as Brian Holtz. :-)