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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Starchild is not a radical?

Tom Sipos, the fact that you may be a litmus-tester over libervention doesn't mean Starchild isn't a radical.  Starchild rejects the notions of "Islamo-fascism" and a "War on Terror", and is obsessively critical of all forms of nationalism.  He says that our tax-financed military liberating Iraq is no more interventionist than a tax-financed cop rescuing a non-family member from a mugger.  He is *so* radical that he refuses to let his opposition to aggression and tyranny be constrained by lines drawn on maps by statists.  On all other issues, Starchild is borderline anarchist.  He is so absolutist about force initiation that he has qualms about 1) the right of the accused to subpoena witnesses and 2) compelling the accused to attend trial before they've been convicted.
It's fine with me if you want to poke Starchild in the eye for dissenting from the party line of anti-statists who say that the current borders of existing states are a central determinant of where and how aggression should be opposed -- that's a show that I love to watch every time it's on.   But to suggest that Starchild isn't a radical is just silly.
cc'ing Starchild in case he wants to chime in.  I'll go make some popcorn.