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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Steve LaBianca is still wrong

Steve, I clearly said that Ruwart is indeed obviously capable of being an effective general-election spokesperson for mainstream libertarianism even though she is a "plumbline" anarchist, so keep hallucinating that you've successfully disagreed with me.
My complaint about Ruwart is that in her nomination campaign she's running on her reputation as a plumbline ideologist who can keep the LP true to its principles.  I quoted her saying so above.  She can't say that her personal ideology should be decisive in the nomination campaign, but that her ideology doesn't matter in the general election campaign because she'll obscure it.  That dog won't hunt.
I think you underestimate how much support Phillies will get from reformers, but otherwise I agree that Root and Barr would get most of it.   However, the claim of yours I disputed was: "Since Barr and Root. are the only major figures in the LP presidential nomination running who have NOT signed onto Restore04, that is where their [Mattson and Holtz] support lies. Forget about anything else."  That claim was wrong, and remains wrong.  Sorry.