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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Augmenting the Platform with policy papers

We need more detail, but (aside perhaps from Jon  Roland) we don't have the expertise to generate it, and the LP would squabble too much about the specifics.  The best of both worlds would be an annotated bibliography of recommended (but perhaps not necessarily endorsed) readings, organized according to our platform's plank structure.  An example of this idea is this annotated bibliography of libertarian-related human rights manifestos, from Codex Hammurabi to the present day 
The literature of libertarianism is certainly rich enough that we should scarcely need to add to it. At LibertarianMajority there is a collection of links (below) to libertarian sites that offer policy writings organized according to issue topics.  The next step is to extract and annotate links to individual writings. (In my opinion, the two best repositories are the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics and the Cato Policy Handbook.  When LPers disagree with material from either of these two sources, they are almost always wrong.)
In a related but more specialized project, I assembled from LP-generated literature about a dozen issue pages for the LP-candidate-web-site-in-a-box project I've been working on since Denver.  They are collected in the Evaluate menu at  The only issue page there not assembled from LP-generated literature is the one about Environment.
P.S. I added to scans of the 1980 and 1986 platforms.