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Friday, September 26, 2008

Different Priorities, Not Smearing

Jonathan, my priority isn’t “challenging the establishment”; my priority is advocating liberty and challenging all who oppose it. Conservative parties like the GOP and the CP oppose personal liberty, so I challenge them. Liberal parties like the Democrats and Greens oppose economic liberty, so I challenge them too. There is only one party that consistently advocates both personal and economic liberty, and that’s the party I support. I highlight the distinctions beween the CP and the LP only so that Ron Paul supporters will be fully informed about what liberties they will be counted as opposing if they follow Paul’s advice and vote CP.

I can’t agree that it’s a “smear” to point out what liberties the CP opposes. If you know of a more gentle way to describe the LP-CP differences, then please demonstrate it. And if instead you think the LP-CP differences are not to be discussed, then please admit that’s what you’re saying.