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Thursday, September 11, 2008

EcoLibertarianism is not Green Socialism
Ken, thank you for trying to drive traffic to my site on EcoLibertarianism.  Anybody who wants to see whether I advocate "green socialism" should indeed read  What you call "green socialism" is in fact just geolibertarianism.  Geolibertarianism results from the straightforward application of Locke's proviso that property can only be justly taken from the commons if you leave "as much and as good" for others -- taking/holding anything more is aggression, and those aggressed against must be compensated (just as when you pollute the commons).  The central policy position of geolibertarianism is the Land Value Tax, which is defended by such "socialists" as Milton Friedman, David Friedman, Robert LeFevre, Frank Chodorov, Albert J. Nock, David Nolan, John Hospers, Karl Hess, and Steve Dasbach.
I love your "potshots at Paul" remark, since elsewhere I've been bitterly criticized by fellow Libertarians as a diehard defender of Paul and his libertarian credentials.  See for example my lengthy defense of Ron Paul at  The truth of course is that Paul is neither unlibertarian nor optimally libertarian, and I'm happy to be criticized by victims of both delusions.
Your fantasy that I would ever excuse any kind of pogrom against "Jews or other minorities" is fascinating.  Thank you for discrediting your criticisms of me far more persuasively than I could ever do in the same amount of space.