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Friday, September 12, 2008

More Destinational, Not More Radical

Dan, my campaign site appearing more radical than the three I cited is merely a side-effect of it including specifics on the destination I advocate.  I'm sure if you clearly summarized for readers of your site the amount of government Daniel Grow advocates, your site would be way more radical than mine.  I'm just snarking that you and other radical Libertarians seem to systematically hide their radicalness from the people whose vote they seek.  Henry seemed comfortable enough with that practice to defend it, so it's a bit odd that you haven't yet grasped my point.
You don't need an "encyclopedia" to summarize your destination for your readers.  I'm able to summarize my destination using just 100 words, that fit on one half of one side of a business card (available at if you don't see the following image):

I'll ignore your critique of my Vote Smart quiz answers, since it consists of 1) your usual name-calling ("eco-fascist", "really, really bad economics", "socialist") and 2) arguments that I've already answered here before.  The only point that might be new is your incredulity that I could advocate tax incentives for health insurance customers to join broad risk pools.  So here's a pop quiz for the judge of "bad economics": what is the name of the market failure that freshman macroeconomics textbooks would say is operative here? :-)
Oh, and don't be so modest. :-)  You're a "prominent" LP radical because you're perhaps the hardest-working and most forceful voice for radicalism on the 2008 PlatCom -- as well as the PlatCom member most vocal on the LPradicals list.