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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Revealing the Reformers' True Plan

Steve LaBianca wrote that "the problem" with the LP is not just the Barr campaign but also
SL) the Reform Caucus, and the LNC (to the extent that the LNC tows the Reform Caucus line, which may be a lot!), and the new and "Boldly Libertarian” Reform Caucus Platform. (SL
The Reform Caucus has no "line" for the LNC to toe (let alone "tow"), since the Reform Caucus is about reforming the SoP, Platform, and Pledge -- none of which are under the control of the LNC.
The Platform is indeed still boldly libertarian -- it's just no longer boldly quasi-anarchist.
SL) Barr and W.A.R. are part of the reformers plan . . . scheme, if you prefer. (SL
Our plan was just for the LP Platform to accommodate a presidential candidate not only like Mary Ruwart but also like this year's Wayne Root, or the Bob Barr who campaigned in Denver.  Quick challenge: please quote the worst alleged deviation from libertarian principle by either Barr or Root since Denver that wasn't also a deviation from the Denver platform.