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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Spank Verney

I agree with both Hogarth and Knapp.
Michael, the Barr/Root campaign obviously has the power to create a vacancy in its VP spot, and as a non-brain-dead LP insider Barr knows perfectly well that the LNC (of which he recently was a member) would rubber-stamp any Paul interest in the VP spot.  Barr's public offer to Paul was wrong not because of some imaginary Bylaws violation.  It was wrong because it was a deliberate (or unforgivably naive) insult to Paul and his many fans.
Gene, the LNC definitely needs to spank Verney, but doing it publicly is not in the best interests of the LP.  If I were an LNC member interested in re-election, I would right now be creating a private record of such a spanking, that I could point to after November.