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Saturday, September 27, 2008

When To End Vouchers

I agree with Jason Seagraves -- the heroic anarchist who heroically calls me a "heroic capitalist" from behind a pseudonym -- that education should be completely privatized.  I also happen to agree with the anarchist David Friedman that vouchers would move us strongly in that direction.  See e.g.
I would have one primary condition for ending vouchers and leaving education completely privatized.  There would need to be a functioning legal mechanism to correct the market failure in which poor minors needing tuition are unable to make binding commitments to repay tuition loans out of the increased future earnings that we education advocates say would result from the tuition.  A possible alternative to this condition would be the correction of unjust site monopolization through something like a citizens' dividend funded by the return of geo-rent from site monopolists such as through a site value tax.