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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where Barr Diverges From The LP Platform

Hayes, if not believing in god(s) is a religion, then not collecting stamps is a hobby.  A god is a supernatural person, usually considered immortal, that demands or deserves human worship or reverence and that wields supernatural influence over human affairs.  (If you want definitions for any of these terms, see my book at
Joe, both Barr and Baldwin publicly embrace the platform of their party.  I don't think I've heard Barr contradict the LP platform yet.  The closest he comes is when he says he would leave drugs and marriage to the states, and that he would use the U.S. military to protect American lives and property abroad.
Neither Barr nor Baldwin will be elected, and neither could impose their platform if they were.  I don't vote for a third-party candidate because of what he will do in office.  Nor do I vote against a third-party candidate because of his unrepentant record as a Moral Majority leader, or because of his somewhat-repentant record as a social conservative.  I vote for a third-party candidate because I want to support the message of his party.
Dan, by far the biggest difference between Paul and Baldwin is on the freedom of Americans to buy foreign products and to sell assets to foreigners.  Foreign trade is one quarter of America's GDP, and Baldwin's antiquated protectionist policies would plunge America into another Great Depression.  His trade policy alone disqualifies him from the support of anyone who understands economics.  He also disagrees sharply with Paul on outlawing drugs, obscenity, and probably other vices like gambling and prostitution.  The bottom line is that Baldwin and the CP want to legislate personal morality, but Paul and the LP do not.
The LP is not anti-Christian.  We're just anti-theocracy.  There are many devout Christians in the LP.  There are also many of us who disagree sharply with the historical claims of Christianity, but we will defend with our lives the freedom of Christians to preach that our infidelity makes us deserve eternal damnation.