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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Libertarians who want to tax workers more?

Morgan Murray wrote:
MM) Many Libertarians are actually Republicans who think the government hasn't gone far enough in taxing workers while subsidizing the wealthy and large corporations. (MM

RC) I don't know any Ls who fit this description. Can you name one? (RC

MM)  Really? You have never been to a Libertarian meeting where people [argue against four kinds of taxes which fall disproportionately on higher wealth/income people]? (MM
None of your examples satisfy the description you gave earlier.  Can you try again?

I'm not sure I understand your thesis about capital and labor.  Are you making a claim about what in economics are called the factor shares?  In Western economies, the returns to labor take up about 60%-80% of GDP, the rest being returns to capital.  My understanding is that the mystery here to economists is why the returns to capital aren't higher than they are.  For gateways into the literature, try here and here.