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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Re: [ba-liberty] Re: Would Harland Prosecute Me For Paying Voters?

Harland Harrison wrote:

HH) No "libertarian laws" authorize bribing voters. (HH

A "bribe" is any compensation offered to induce someone to defraud a
third party by betraying an obligation to act or decide in a prescribed
way. Voters have no obligations to third parties, and thus cannot
properly said to be bribed.

It's bizarre that you would say it should be legal for my opponent Anna
Eshoo to offer to lower your taxes (or give you free healthcare) by
raising taxes on others, but it should be illegal for me to pay voters
to listen to libertarian ideas.

HH) Can you imagine incumbents sending out government checks to the
first 51% of voters who submit an appropriately marked ballot? (HH

Learn to read. I wrote: "I favor voting systems (like Rivest's, and
unlike absentee voting) in which it is impossible for a third party to
verify how you voted, and I favor repeal of all laws limiting consenting
adults from trying to influence each other's votes in such elections.
Don't you agree?"

Do you have an answer, or not?