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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Re: Most egregious documented stolen election?

Harland Harrison wrote:
> Are you retracting what you wrote below or defending it?
I asked questions. My questions stand.

> Selling your votes in Congress will be felony and a crime against the taxpayers.
I didn't ask about congressmen selling votes. Congressmen don't
represent only themselves.
> A voter has no more natural right to sell his vote than a juror has a right to take a bribe for conviction or acquital.
A juror represents society. A voter represents himself. Apples and
oranges, again.
> As for evidence that paper vote counting was also rigged, I would consider it proof enough that officials were willing to go to jail rather than recount those ballots.
That wasn't their choice. They apparently were just trying to get out
of re-counting 100% of the county's ballots, by being selective with the
3% sample.

If this is your standard of evidence about proving a conspiracy to
fabricate vote counts in order to influence an election outcome, that
tells me all I need to know.