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Monday, October 13, 2008

Re: organizing lessons for libertarians

Starchild wrote:
SC) I see no reason why moderates couldn't or wouldn't take a similar stance (SC
That's because you don't distinguish between liberty and anarchy.  Everybody pressing the red elevator button wants to go down, but precious few of them will follow you into the elevator car whose cable you want to cut -- especially if they don't want to join you at the bottom level of the parking basement.

13% to 20% of Americans want more personal liberty and more economic liberty.  Do you seriously claim that the way to maximize their unified political impact is to ask them to line up under a banner of personal secession, immediate non-enforcement of all tax laws, no default fines/regulations for pollution, privatization of all streets, and immediate unlimited immigration?  Do you seriously claim that the "thousands" organized by this incarceration-abolition group is a scalable template for organizing that 13% to 20% of Americans?