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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Re: What Allen's Not Paying Attention To

Allen Rice wrote:

AR) it is only the labored fever of my advanced case of LD that prevents
me from clearly seeing that of course "The esoterics of what it means to
buy votes, and the content of your frisbee ..." ARE right up there in
importance with the recent blow to the reputation of the Free Market. (AR

Allen: If the financial bailout is more important than voting theory,
then we should avoid discussing voting theory.
Brian: We should not avoid discussing voting theory.
Allen: Then you claim the financial bailout is not more important than
voting theory.

Despite your admirable attempt to apply modus tollens here, I happen to
disagree with your initial premise. We can walk and chew gum at the
same time.

As it happens, I recently put several days' effort into writing a
bailout press release and getting 18 LPCA congressional candidates to
endorse it:

AR) I am indebted to you for pointing out the failures in my philosophy. (AR

... no doubt just as indebted as I am to you for pointing out the
failures in how I apply my activism efforts. :-)