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Monday, October 6, 2008

Wayne Root's ambition

Given that 3 out of 8 past LP presidential nominees have left us for
other parties, I'm thrilled that VP nominee Root has loudly committed to
the LP. (Contrast this with Mike Gravel, who during his weeks-long
flirtation with the LP often got a pass on his Fair-Taxing
single-payer-healthcare views from LPers who were criticizing LNC member
Barr as some kind of a Republican.) The very first thing I said to Root
when I met him at our Sacramento rally is that he needs to let
Libertarians know that he is committed to the LP. He gave the same
answer then that he's giving now.

By the way, the speech he gave at the rally was excellent. See the
rally highlights at

Before Denver, Root critics were predicting he might get nominated and
then endorse McCain, and/or he would quit the LP for a GOP Senate run in
Nevada. Now, he gets criticized for setting high long-term goals for
his work inside the party. Hilarious.

Bruce, the "shut up" comments are way off-base. I'm sure Root wouldn't
agree he should have immunity from criticism by any Libertarian who gets
less media coverage than he.