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Monday, November 24, 2008

2 Personal Furies: Eric Sundwall and Marc Montoni

My crime apparently was to point out the objective fact that the LP for
20 years had a comprehensive platform that advocated personal secession
and immediate non-enforcement of all tax laws, and that it has had one
without them for only six months. I wouldn't agree with a claim that
this objective fact has no relevance for judging whether the LP
experiment is worth continuing.

Paulie, you have to read if you want to
know why Eric the all-star jock is committed to disdain the "silly" nerd
classic that ranks right behind Citizen Kane on the IMDB all-time list.
Of course, when a cool hemp activist like Steve Kubby riffs on that film
(as he did on IPR 4 days ago), he gets a pass. :-)

Ah, a second one of my personal furies buzzes in to gratuitously and
ironically vouch yet again that I do nothing positive for liberty.
Fortunately, I keep my anti-furies spray handy at