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Friday, November 28, 2008

Anarchists in Glass Houses

Dan Grow wrote: "Specifically, unless we can be brave about concepts like secession, ending the fed, repudiating the debt, and the idea that there is NOTHING that the government can do better or cheaper than free enterprise, and that ANY departure from the price system is another move towards totalitarianism, we might as well just accept that ALL of our efforts are a mere distraction from actions that could really change anything."

Dan, before the election I saved a copy of all the policy text from your 2008 congressional web site.  It said nothing about secession.  It said nothing about ending the Fed.  It said nothing about repudiating the debt.  It said nothing about Michigan voters having to choose between anarchism and totalitarianism.  The only hint that you might want to abolish all government was buried in a critique of energy subsidies: "entrepreneurs and businesses, on the basis of profit-and-loss calculations, best meet consumer demands for all products and services, including energy."

Anarchists living in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks. The back of my campaign business card had more radical policy specifics than the entire campaign sites of you, Susan Hogarth, Tom Knapp, and Morey Straus combined:

Hunt terrorists instead of policing civil wars
End subsidies for all corporations and farms
End  limits on speech in politics  and  media
Abolish trade barriers and wage+hiring rules
Protect the right of privacy and self-defense
End all government banking and lending
Control your own retirement savings
Let all healers & insurers compete freely
Let adults use any substance or medicine
Legalize all consensual adult relationships
Make schools compete for students & tuition
Defend choice in procreation and risk-taking
Oppose all mandates for worship  or  service
End taxes on income, production, sales, gifts
Tax only land, resource use/pollution, traffic