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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Being An Anarchist Means Never Have To Say You're Sorry

Tom Knapp, I knew that, as with other simplistic belief systems, being
an anarchist came with various seductive psychic fringe benefits.
However, I hadn't fully realized that one of them was a license to
insult non-anarchists conscience-free. I wonder if you can appreciate
the irony that such angry absolute self-righteousness gives you and L.
Neil Smith more in common with history's worst statists than many
minarchists have. Prominent anarcholibertarian Kevin Carson used exactly
your neck/yoke imagery when he wrote today "I'd like to liquidate the
ruling class altogether." This reminds me that ex-Communist Whittaker
Chambers 40 years ago famously said that on every page of Ayn Rand he
recognized a voice saying "To the gas chambers — go!"