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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Brian Miller Calls LP a Waste of Time and Money

What is your evidence that concern about Keaton's access wasn't the reason why the Barr campaign did not want to have a data-sharing contract with LNC?  The only evidence I know of is Angela's own claim that "Redpath Ruwart and several other believed that this was an excuse. That I am a scape goat."  If we take Angela's report at face value, then her reputation was already defended in the executive session, and her leak then seems to be an attempt to embarrass the Barr campaign.

It's quite reality-impaired to suggest that Angela is the patron saint of protecting the reputations of LNC members from nasty things said secretly in front of only the LNC.

BM) "The real question Libertarian party supporters have, at this juncture, is why continue to waste time and money on this organization?" (BM

Does the assumption embedded in your closing question mean the Secretary of the Outright Libertarians is giving up on the LP, as Angela says she has?