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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Competence at Age 14 and 100

Starchild wrote:
> You said your standard was based on competence. Now you sound like
> you're saying it's based on predictability.
It's based on predictable competence.

> You don't believe that the average 100-year-old is sharper than the average 14-year-old, do
> you?
I believe that the average 100-year-old can be trusted more than the
average 14-year-old not to make mistakes of sexual consent that can
screw up the rest of his or her respective life. The 14-year-old is
probably better at video games, though.

> What rules, if any, do you think should govern the legal right of older people to have sex?
Just the usual rules about sexual consent among non-minors and about
involuntary institutionalization.