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Monday, November 17, 2008

Doherty Nails It, With Only One Mistake

An excellent and balanced overview from the movement's invaluable
official historian, with only one thing that could be called a mistake.
Doherty cites five different races in trying to make hay of downticket
LP candidates out-polling Barr. I've been reading LP electoral results
for not nearly as long as Doherty, but I learned years ago that
down-ticket candidates poll about 5X to 10X the vote share of the ticket
topper. The five cases Doherty cites -- and he could add about 40 more
here in California alone -- say absolutely nothing about the quality of
Barr's campaign.

David Nolan repeats some numbers ($40M, 5%) allegedly from the Barr camp
but this time calls them "hopes" and "goals" instead of "promises" and
"predictions" (as he did in an earlier essay). I'd still like to see
some citations for any such Barr number that could be called a "promise"
or "prediction" rather than a mere "hope".