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Saturday, November 29, 2008

George Donnelly, Credit Adviser

Gosh, George, thank you for your concern over whether my satirical aside about BTP chair turnover might "discredit" me.  I guess it tells us what you think of your ex-chair's "credit" that you had absolutely nothing to say when in this thread he called me "scum" and "socialist" and a possible “enthusiast” for murders by agents of government, and instead you suggested that _I_ am the one "making war" on HIM.  Instead of worrying about my credit, you may want to pay a little attention to your own.

Oh, and there's a little more than one health-related resignation in play here.  After the Florida disaffiliation fiasco and the resignation from the BTP by John Wayne Smith, there was talk of Davidson resigning but he said he wouldn't as his term had only a couple weeks left.  None of this is relevant to the the theory and practice of multiple freedom parties, but there is so much mud-slinging in the the BTP sandbox that it's hard to resist slinging a little back.

I wouldn't have even noticed the nit in WSPP 1.0 if Tom Knapp hadn't picked it first, so you can redirect your nitpicking charge to him.  Also, my point would have been moot if the allegedly member-controlled BTP trusted its members and vaunted processes enough not to make its so-called platform eternally immutable.

I hardly consider Ron Paul to be the living and breathing embodiment of libertarianism, so endorsing his tepid 4-point Campaign Against The Establishment doesn't impress me as competing with the LP in the marketplace of ideas.  The most relevant other endorsement there is that of the LP itself, which endorsed Paul's 4 points even before the BTP did.  Wow, that BTP competition with the LP is working so well, it's even having backwards-time-travel effects. :-)  Wake me if the BTP ever tries to create some actual contrast with the principles of the Party of Principle.

If Davidson says of the LP that you get out of it what you put into, then that completely undercuts his every criticism of the LP.