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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Please keep it civil wrote on LibertarianReformCaucus:
A) calling our anarchist elements in the LP or the LRC nut jobs, fanatics (A
Brandon didn't call anarchists nutjobs.  He wrote "the Barr campaign made the LP looks bit more legitimate in the eyes of the media, rather than a bunch of nutjobs."  There are plenty of people in the LP who make us look like nutjobs through ways other than anarchism.  I'm thinking of candidates like the ferret activist Pat Wright, the druid Gary Copeland, and the blue-skinned Stan Jones.
A) Continuing to call anarchist libertarians, a radical wing nut faction of the LP is only divisional (A
I agree, even though "wingnut" is a pretty mild epithet, and "radical" is not an epithet at all -- it's what they call their caucus.  You'll notice that Reform Caucus leaders uniformly abstain from such name-calling, whereas prominent LP radicals regularly use epithets like "retard caucus" and "deformers".

If the name-calling keeps up, I'm going to start moderating people. Please keep it civil.  The enemies of freedom are not in this room.